Kerala Festivals

Kerala, the south Indian state has a rich heritage of performing arts which is a significant part of cultural life of people. Performing arts of Kerala are a legacy which is transferred from one generation to another. Like fine arts, performing arts were also patronized by the rulers as these are considered not only as an art of entertainment but also as a medium of ethical and moral values.

When we talk of Kerala dances, the Kathakali dance comes into our mind, but this south Indian state has more than 40 dance forms which are enacted at the temple festivals or other social festivals. Hindu performing arts are varied, there are also Christian and Muslim dance forms prevailed in the state due to presence of its multi-linguistic society.

The main features of Kerala performing arts are vivid visual effects and stunning music. The grandeur and aesthetic performance of Kerala performing arts are incomparable to any art forms in the world. The main divisions of the Kerala dances are classical dances, folk dances, martial art dances and various others.

Koodiyattam and Kathakali are both considered as the main jewel of Kerala dances. The tradition of Koodiyattam is thousand years old and it has been declared as world heritage by UNESCO. Kathakali, the classical dance is most revered among the dance drama which is complemented by facets of ballet, opera, masque and the pantomime.