Kerala Festivals

Kerala is the land of high festivals and events.Onam is the most biggest festival in Kerala.It is the National Festival of Kerala

Top Festivals In Kerala

The Hindhu festival Onam is considered as the state festival of Kerala. This biggest festival falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam (Aug - Sep) and marks the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali. The celebration of Onam lasts for over ten days which brings out the best of Kerala culture and tradition. Ambrosial Onasadya, intricately decorated Pookalam, breathtaking Snake Boat Race and exotic Kaikottikali dance are some of the most remarkable features of Onam. As this festival comes during the harvest time, it is called as the harvest festival in Kerala. More

Thiruvathira is a religious festival of Kerala celebrated during the asterism Thiruvathira in Dhanu, the fifth month of Malayalam calendar (Kolla Varsham). Thiruvathira is essentially the festival for women. Ladies worship Lord Shiva and pray for conjugal harmony and marital bliss on this day. Thiruvathirakkali dance is the other very interesting facet of the festival enchantingly performed by women on this day. More

The Hindu festival, Vishu is celebrated with joy and mirth on the first day of Malayalam month of Medam. It is actually the New Year festival of Kerala which holds a lot of significance for Hindus as Vishu marks the Astronomical New Year Day for Kerala. There are lots of colorful rituals and customs practiced by the people of Kerala on Vishu. These traditions are based on the belief that Vishu must be celebrated well as the good things of the first day of the New Year will continue for the rest of the year too. More

Thrissur Pooram
The most spectacular festival of Kerala, Thrissur Pooram is aptly called Pooram of all Poorams where Pooram means 'the meeting point of all the arts'. The 36 hours festival combines the rich art and culture of the state of Kerala can be seen in its entire splendor. This festival is celebrated in the asterism Pooram in the month of Medam according to Malayalese calendar. Pooram was first introduced by the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi, Rama Varma. The entire celebrations are held at Thekkinkadu ground encircling the Vadakunnathan temple. Large number of spectators and devotees assemble in this ground to witness the meeting of deities of ten different temples. The dazzling display of fireworks and procession of decorated elephants are the major attractions of this festival besides several other enthralling musical programmes and events. More

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