Situated on the banks of the Payaswini River, Kasaragod's many monuments bring back the colourful days of the Kolathiri rajas. Home to the largest and most well preserved fort in the entire State and abode of the popular Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque, it can also boast of the only lake temple in Kerala. The hinterland of this district is lush and green as it has 1 2 major and minor rivers coursing through it. The two rivers, Talapady and Trikaripur, actually demarcate the northern and southern boundaries of this busy town. The centre of Kasaragod bustles with business and trade - in coir products, hides, skins and handloom. Thoro are many bustling restaurants, and glitzy shops with rows of electronic goods and perfumes, owned by those who have : returned from the Gulf countries, peddle their ware i between outlets hawking banana and jackfruit chips.

Basic information

Established 24 May 1984
Area 1992 Sq.Km
Population 12,03,342
Language Malayalam
Temperature 20 – 28 Degree Celsius
STD Code 0491
Best time to visit August to February

Places to Visit

Anandashram, Ananthapura Temple, Bekal Fort, Chandragiri Fort, Kanhangad Hosdurg Fort, Kanwatheertha Beach, Kappil Beach, Kodagu, Kottanchery, Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque, Possadi Gumpe, Ranipuram,

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