For years, Palakkad has been the gateway to Kerala. It has provided access to the coast for conquerors and traders from the hinterland through what is known as the 'Palakkad Gap', a 40-km break in an otherwise unbroken wall of high mountains. Understandably, the region is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, arts and music, and is known for its truly eclectic spirit. A largely agrarian society in which people continue to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers, Palakkad's reputation as the granary of Iho state is borne out by its undulating paddy fields which stretch for miles. Silent Valley, Kerala's most famous forest, is located in Palakkad and remains largely untouched, making an eloquent cast; for the preservation of nature in its purest form.

Basic information

Established 1 Jan 1957
Area 4,480 Sq.Km.
Population 26,17,072
Language Malayalam
Temperature 20 – 28 Degree Celsius
STD Code 0491
Best time to visit September to March

Places to Visit

Jain Temple, Lakkidi, Mayiladumpara Sanctuary, Nelliyampathy, Silent Valley, Tipu's Fort, Trithala, Varahamoorthi Kshetram,

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