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We weave in this article the extreme adventure sports of Kerala to give a clear idea on adventure tourism in Kerala. The adventure buffs get information in this page :

Rock Climbing in Kerala

Rock climbing is a bit of adventure, it requires fitness of the climber. Expert guides will give a lesson on the safety measures and rope climbing principles. A tourist can have choice while wants to do rock climbing in Kerala. One can embark on a free climbing or aid climbing. A climber will get ropes and gear used for rock climbing. The rock climbing usually lasts for two hours. At Munnar hill station of Kerala one can venture out rock climbing.

Rappelling in Kerala

Rappelling is an adventure sport in which the climber rope down from a mountain or rock. One has to wear gears like helmets, Knee pads, harness etc. The mountains and waterfalls of Kerala offer opportunities to the adventure freaks to slide down from high point. It is adventurous enough and risk is there. One has to take some lessons from a guide. Kerala has several hill stations and waterfalls; one can have the fun of this adventure sport in Kerala.

Mountain Hiking in Kerala

Mountain Hiking is an adventure sport for the hikers. Climbing through the green mountains of Kerala one will be thrilled. One hikes to altitudinal ranges of 1000 meters to 1600 meters. Kerala hill station is ideal for mountain hiking. If one wants to challenge the mountain, he or she can head towards Kerala as the Western Ghats of Kerala is the perfect one to hike to the mountains. Even non-professional climber can have the fun of mountain hiking in Kerala.

Mountain Biking in Kerala

If you are a rider of bicycle and bike or if you have fascination to ride a bicycle on a mountain you can come to Kerala. Adventure freaks will sure to have fun and thrill while riding a bicycle through the undulating mountains of Kerala or green roads. The biker has to have good bike handing skills. Even riding a bike or cycle one can explore the flora and fauna of Kerala forests.

Paragliding in Kerala

A flying adventure sport, Paragliding can be enjoyed over the sky of Kerala. The free-flying aircraft is flown by the pilot. In Kerala one can try three levels of flying—basic, medium and pro level. The basic level flight will fly up to 100 feet only, the medium level to 500 feet and pro level to 1000 feet height. A guide will teach one the basic training which includes launching, turning and landing. The campsites for paragliding in Kerala are Munnar and Wagamon.

Birding in Kerala

A bird watcher can fulfill birding dream in Kerala which is a paradise for the bird lovers. While in Kerala one will see birds everywhere, at the idyllic villages the chirping of birds is common. Divino Indian Memoirz arranges birding tours to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady bird sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and the Wayanad hills.

While exploring above-mentioned birding destinations of Kerala one will explore a wide species of both resident and migratory birds. One can also spot birds at the Munnar hill station and in its spice plantations, dense forests, etc. Taking a boat ride on the Periyar Lake, one spots birds on the edge of the lake and forests. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a home to various species of birds; this sanctuary is considered as the best sanctuary to watch bird life. Various migratory birds frolic at the water bodies and forests of Kumarakom in winter season.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is rich in birdlife. The bird enthusiasts can trek to the interior forests of this sanctuary. This sanctuary is named after the ornithologist, Salim Ali. Different species of Cuckoos are found in this sanctuary, hence it is known as cuckoo paradise.

Trekking in Kerala

Trekking in Kerala is the most adventurous sport which is arranged in many destinations of Kerala which offer tremendous trekking opportunities. The mountain range of Kerala houses thrilling rain forests which is rich in wildlife and various other natural bounties. Trekker and hikers can explore the shimmering beauty of natural bounty trekking through the paths of remote nature and hills.

Trekking and camping sometimes go together as the trekkers trekking a long distance halt at the camps or temporary tent house amidst the jungle and mountains. Government Authority of Kerala allows for trekking and camping in some areas of Kerala. The trekking and camping adventure tours in Kerala are arranged at the following destinations discussed below.

Munnar High Altitude Trek :
Munnar hill station in Kerala is perched at a high altitude about 1524m above sea level on the Kannan Devan hills. This hill station has various trekking paths to the plantations, peaks and mountain streams. The confluence of three mountain streams--Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala make Munnar a most beautiful hill resort in Kerala. The highest peak of south India, Anamudi is located at Munnar and trekkers can trek to this peak of Munnar. The slopes of the hills are rich in various flora and fauna, while trekking to the Anamudi peak one will spot Atlas Moth, the inhabitant of the peak and Nilgiri Langur, the lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, etc. The trekkers will camp at the Swiss tents, local guides assist the trekkers. Munnar is 130 kilometers away from Kochi city.

Periyar Camping :
Camping amidst the tropical rain forest of Periyar is sure to be a thrilling adventure to the tourists. The rain forests of Periyar are rich in flora and fauna. Wildlife enthusiasts trek inside the Periyar Reserve to explore its wildlife and forests. Trekkers and campers will spot elephants, birds and various other wild animals. Periyar is 180 kilometers away from Kochi.

Parambikulam Wilderness Camp :
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located in between valleys of the Anamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. This virgin valley of Palakkad district of Kerala is a source of rich wildlife. It houses a wide variety of aquatic fauna and even crocodile is seen on the bank of water bodies. Wildlife enthusiasts can trek to the peaks and valleys of this sanctuary to explore its wild atmosphere.

Night Trekking in Kerala :
A forest guard of a national park or sanctuary patrols the reserve in night for protecting it from the hands of poachers. It is indeed a thrilling experience to pass the night in jungle. Adventure enthusiasts like to experience this thrilling adventure in a park and reserve. The forest guard and the protection watchers guide the tourist who is unknown to the language of nature. The nocturnal jungle life is quite unique from the daytime life, so one has to take risk a lot to have an experience of a night trek in a Kerala forest reserve or park. It is offered at Thekkady and Munnar.

Chinnar Trekking Camp :
The only rain shadow area of the Western Ghats of Kerala, Chinnar Valley is the spreading an area of about 200 sqkm covering both Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is believed that this valley was inhabited by human beings in 9000 BC and it was seen in its rock shelter paintings, megalithic burials, animist’s sacred groves and cave temples. Now around three parts of fourth area comes under Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary which is rich in various flora and fauna. Trekking buffs can trek through the paths of the sanctuary. A naturalist will guide him or her. Trekking through the Chinnar valley which has vast stretches of thorny scrub and cactus forest, one will be thrilled sure. The mountains of the Western Ghats protect the valley standing like a boundary wall. The wild life found in this valley are elephants, wild gaur leopard, sambar, wild dogs, spotted deer, civets, Slender Loris, and various mammals, reptiles and birds

Water Sports in kerala

Kerala boasts of 44 rivers, various lakes, lagoons; so it is a hotspot of water sports. The adventurous water sport that can be enjoyed in Kerala are canoeing, catamaran sailing, kayaking, para sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and wind surfing. These water sports are played on the backwaters of Kerala. Water sports centers in Kerala are run by the private and government tourism centers. The backwater and beach resorts of Kerala arrange various water sports to its guests.

The water sports played at the Kerala beaches are surfing, water skiing, water scooting, water skiing, to name a few. The beach resorts of Kerala offer a wide variety of beach sports. The beaches suitable for water sports are Alapuzzha Beach (surfing and parasailing), Kovalam Beach (swimming, kayaking, surfing and skiing) and Varkala Beach (parasailing, scuba diving and windsurfing and even deep sea fishing).

Before embarking on water sports, one has to keep in mind some safety measures to avoid any unpredictable situation. Moreover, one should know how to swim. As it is risky for those who don’t know how to swim.

Wind Surfing in Kerala

Wind SurfingWhile in Kerala, experience wind surfing on the placid sea. Both Surfing and sailing are included in wind surfing. Standing on a surf boat, one has to surf on the waters of the sea. The surfer has to be alert of the wind blowing and sea currents. A skilled surfer knows how to maneuver the surfboard maintaining balance.

Catamaran Sailing in Kerala

Catamaran sailing is a new adventure sport in Kerala can be played at the beaches of Kerala. It has been introduced recently by the tourism promotion centers. A catamaran is a wooden ship with twin hulls which are joined together. This adventure sport can be played in both the backwaters of Kerala and sea. Motorized catamaran is also made now.

Kayaking in Kerala

KayakingAdventure tourists must experience Kayaking through the backwaters while in Kerala. It is an adventure sport ventured by a group. Train guides accompany the group. One has to maintain safety measures and should have good swimming skills. Kayak is a small boat with a covered deck. Two or three paddlers sit facing the cockpit below the deck of the boat. Spray skirt or similar things are attached to the edges of the cockpit to prevent the entry of water. The kayaking campsites in Kerala are Kumarakom and Alleppey.

White Water Rafting in Kerala

White Water RaftingThe rivers originating from mountains in Kerala provide ample opportunity to white water rafting. The turbulent rivers flow down through rocky edges. This adventure sport is played in the upper origin of the river where water is wild and white. The minimum person for white water rafting is 7. The campsite is Bothathankettu which is 50 kms away from Ernakulam.

Speed Boating in Kerala

Speed boating in the serene backwaters of Kerala is sure to be fun and thrill to the adventure enthusiasts. The boar runs at maximum speed of 50 to 200 Km/hr. 5 to 15 people can be accommodated at a speed boat. The destination for white water rafting is Munnar, Kumarakom, and Alleppey.

Canoeing in Kerala

CanoeingA tourist can enjoy canoeing while in Kerala; it is a fantastic way to relax. The lagoons, lakes, rivers of Kerala are best to experience a canoe ride. One can hire a canoe at a nominal charge ands sails down through the backwaters of Kerala. Canoeing through the placid waters of backwaters one can enjoy the fun of boat riding and explore the scenic greeneries of the villages of Kerala.

Para Sailing in Kerala

Para SailingParasailing is a sport of extreme adventure and thrill. A parachute like parasail is hooked to a 300 meter long towrope. The towrope is pulled by a transport. The two variations of parasailing are terrestrial and aquatic one. One can learn parasailing more easily than para gliding. In parasailing, the speed of the wind and participants weight also does mater. The campsites for parasailing are Kumarakom and Alleppey.

Wildlife Adventure in Kerala

Wildlife tour usually falls in the category of nature tourism, yet it is a part of adventure tourism due to the risk involved in it. Kerala houses a few wild life sanctuaries and it is said that when one set outs tours inside the jungle road of a village he or she will sure face a wild elephant.

Nature Trek in Kerala

An adventure enthusiasts can walk through the idyllic greeneries of Kerala, the local guide will guide him or her for daylong nature adventure. The trekking route is usually 4 to 5 kilometers long. In the nature walk one will spot various birds, butterflies and other wild habitats of the jungle. The trails even cross through evergreen forests and marshy grasslands. One may also encounter Giant Squirrels, Gaur, Elephants, Nilgiri Langur, etc. The local naturalist is knowledgeable enough to keep you away from risk or danger. The destinations of Kerala which offer opportunities for nature trek are Thekkady and Munnar. Munnar hill station of Idukki district of Kerala has various nature trails.

Jeep Safari in Kerala

Still some places of Kerala are less accessible, as jeep is a vehicle which can crawls down rough and rocky terrains. By a jeep safari one can reach the interior locations of Kerala which have vast natural life. But one has to select an expert driver and guide who can only make your Kerala jeep safari a fruitful one. Inner line permit is required for foreigners to enter some of the areas of the Kerala. The locations for jeep safari are Thekkady and Munnar and the wildlife sanctuaries of the state.

Tiger Trail in Kerala

Periyar Tiger Reserve is the only tiger reserve in Kerala; a tiger trail to Periyar and Thekkady will be a real adventure thrill to a tiger freak. One might encounter indigenous wildlife like Nilgiri langur, giant squirrel, elephant, etc. The tiger trail crawls down through hills and valleys. The campers have to take some basic needs to spend the night amidst the jungle. Armed forest guards will accompany the trekking groups. The distance covered by an each tiger trek is about 20 to 35 kilometers.

Wilderness Camps in Kerala

Wilderness camps at Thekkady in Kerala are arranged by the nature lovers for preservation of Thekkady and its hills, valleys, forests, grasslands, rowing waterfalls, and plantations. On the outskirt of Thekkady, elephant, Nilgiri Tahr, lion-tailed macaque are spotted. The tourists can go for long trekking and birding tour in guidance of the local guides who have a good knowledge of the forests and animals. The nature conservationists organize the camps for preservation of nature. Wilderness camp is organized as a recreation program for the tourists.

Elephant Safari in Kerala

While in Kerala, a tourist should never miss an elephant safari. Elephants are domesticated by Kerala people and in each and every Kerala temple festival elephant plays a significant role. Adventure buffs set out safari on the back of elephant to the remote forests. One can also explore the jungle life and plantation gardens of Kerala embarking an elephant safari.

Bamboo Rafting in Kerala

Bamboo Rafting is a hiking and rafting programme from dawn to dusk. The group paddle the bamboo raft made from bamboo. While sailing down on a bamboo raft the paddlers can stop at a nearby forest and explore the wildlife. The bamboo raft usually lasts for three or two hours and one gets a view of the forest life. At the edges of the Periyar Lake one will spot animals like elephant, gaur and sambar

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