Shopping in Kerala

Situated on the southwestern coast of India, Kerala is referred to as "God's Own Country". This picturesque state is an essential visit for the tourists and especially buyers seeking the exotic and aromatic delights here. You will be spoilt for choice with shops present around every nook and corner not to forget the speciality shops within the hotels and resorts as well as the government Emporia. But the most sought after shopping destination is Kochiand Trivandrum with Kochi's New Street & Shoppers at Jew Street. For your convinience we at Indian Memoriz have elisted a few of the shopping destination within Kerala with a brief about the speciality of the respective market.

An array of items are available such as intricate ivory carvings, fabric & earthenware products, the beautiful "Kathkali" mask in wood, the gorgeous "saris", spices and precious jewelry in gold and silver. Earthenware is an integral part of the utensils and decorative pieces amongst the natives whereas "saris" are considered to be the most crucial part in the adornment of every woman. A variety of saris are available in fabrics such as elegant cotton, plush silk such as banana silk and several have beautiful and lustrous borders in gold.

Kerela is well renowed for being the hub of a huge variety of riches that we call "spices". In the past shipments carrying spices were the preferred loot of all the pirates due to their infinite worth. It is fabled that pepper was a form of currency in medieval times and many battles were fought over it. Spices have always been the essence of India whether presented as a farewell gift or in the cuisine to infuse aroma. You can shop for pepper (black, pink & white), ginger, turmeric, vanilla pods, cinnamon, cardamom (green & black), mace, nutmeg, coriander and an array of dry fruits as well. In order to resolve your confusion over the use of the spices you must try the local cuisine to taste and know the difference that each spice makes when incorporated in food.

Once you have satiated your temptations of spices you are further spoilt for choice with an array of tea and coffee in Idukki. Kerela produces some of the finest and best coffee within India. You can also shop for carpets, bags and furniture made from natural fibre in Varkata.

The Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram

The sacred ring made from gold in the form of a knot is known as The Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram. It is made exculsively by a family bestowed with the right to reproduce it at Payyannur in Kannur district. It is believed that if you wear this ring luck and grace will follow.

Aranmula Kannadi

The town of Aranmula within the Pathanamthitta district is fabled for its mirrors made out of metal. The bronze craftsmen invented this technique centuries ago and its descendents are still producing the cast metal mirrors with handles known as the Aranmula Kannadi.

The Nilavilakku

In India each state has some native traditions and rituals which form and integral part of everyday life as well as jubliation. One such tradition is the lightning of the Nilavilakku or the metal lamp native to Kerala. The Malayalee's consider the lamp very auspicious since the light spred by it is the sign of bringing together the family and clan to rejoice. The nilavilakku is used immensely to enlighten the ongoing folk performances and ceremonies at dusk.

You can own one of these lamps though an emporium or a paathrakada (exclusive kada or shop for steel, copper and iron household utensils).

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