Kerala Wildlife

There are six National Parks and 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala. These parks and sanctuaries cover 2250 sq km, which is 24 percent of the total forest area and 6 percent of the total land area of the state. All these National Parks and sanctuaries are famous tourist destinations and are frequently visited by tourists to experience the enjoyment of watching wildlife in their natural habitat and to get a feel of the scenic excellence of Kerala. The following are the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala.

National Park

National Park Area (km2)Year startedRegion
Eravikulam National Park 97 1978 Central Kerala
Periyar National Park 350 1982 Central Kerala
Silent Valley National Park 237. 52 1984
Anamudi Shola National Park 7.5 2003
Mathikettan Shola National Park 12.817 2003
Pambadum Shola National Park 1.318 2003

Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Area (km2)Year startedRegion
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve 1455.4 1986
Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve 1701 2002

Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary Area (km2)Year startedRegion
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary 777 1950 Central Kerala
Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary 128 1958 South Kerala
Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary 125 1958 Central Kerala
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary 344.44 1973 North Kerala
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary 285 1973 Central Kerala
Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary 70 1976 Central Kerala
Thattekad Bird Sanctuary 25 1983 Central Kerala
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary 53 1983 South Kerala
Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary 85 1984
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary 90.44 1984
Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary 171 1984 South Kerala
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary 55 1984 North Kerala
Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary 0.0274 2004
Kurinjimala Sanctuary 32 2006
Culannur Wildlife Sanctuary 3.42 2007
Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary 74.215 2010

Tiger Reserve

Tiger Reserve Area (km2)Year startedRegion
Periyar Tiger Reserve 925 1978 Central Kerala
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve 648.50 1973 Central Kerala

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